Finding Dory: Full Trailer Released

It has been 13 long years since we saw Pixar’s anthropomorphic tale of a clownfish ‘Nemo‘, who gets lost and separated from his father, Marlin. Marlin and a surgeonfish, Dory embark on a journey to find Nemo and bring him home. The full length trailer of the sequel Finding Dory was released on 2nd March by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, who is also the voice of the lead character Dory. To anyone who with fond memories of the original Finding Nemo, it will be very, very familar.


Much like its eponymous hero, the film it presages appears to be caught in an endless loop of repetition. If there’s a set piece, gag, or heartstring-plucking emotional moment from the first film that you’re fond of, chances are it’s repeated here. The trailer begins with Dory watching Nemo and his class go on a field trip to watch Sting ray migration. One of the Sting Ray educates the lead characters that Sting rays migrate to find home based only on their instincts. Dory starts to get flashes of her days of childhood and her parents voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene levy. She decides to use her instincts to find her parents. She faces a number of challenges like getting stuck in a fish tank similar to Nemo getting stuck in one in the prequel and meets new characters. One of them being a Whale Shark, Destiny, who is the forgotten adopted sister of Dory. The character is voiced by It is always sunny in Philadelphia’s  Kaitlin Olson.


Finding Nemo was a massive hit with over $930 million in worldwide box office. It won the Academy Award for best animated feature. The first Pixar title to achieve this incredible feat. So there is a lot riding on the shoulders of Finding Dory. We will find out just how good it is when releases on 17th June, 2016.

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