Batman V Superman : (Spoilers) What is happening in the Crazy “Flash” Scene ?

While Batman V Superman opened to mixed response with critics thrashing the movie. But one thing, we all might agree is that Zack Snyder has thrown lot’s of Easter Egg’s is the Movie including the one which shows Flash coming from a different timeline.

Here is our break down of the most crazy-ass Knight-mare scene which starts with Batman fighting with Superman, and ends with Flash showing-up from a different timeline :

The scene starts with Batman seeing the symbol of Darkseid in the middle of the desert, and destruction everywhere around it.  For those who don’t know about Darkseid, In nutshell – Darkseild is the most destructive Villain in the DC Universe. He is the ruler of planet Apokolips and is out to rule the world. He is one of the primary that Justice League Exists. It is only because of him that Justice League was made, to fight threat and enormous power.

While, the scene shows Omega Symbol of Darkseid, and that Darskseid has already conquered the world or is in verge of conquering. Than we see, Batman fighting Superman’s Army and also attacked Parademons, the minions of Darkseid.

And then we see disgusted Superman walking towards Bruce Wayne and Possibly killing him ? What does mean ?

Well this Crazy-Ass Flash Scene Explains it all

There could be two theories around this scene :

Apart from Flash’s Suit inspired from Injustice : Gods Among Us, there could be a possibility that we might be moving in the direction of Injustice : Gods Among Us, wherein Joker causes Superman to kill Lois Lane. After mistakenly killing Lois Lane, Superman Snaps-out and starts his regime. First he kills Joker similar to the way he kills Bruce Wayne in the Knightmare. Superman than starts his own brand of Justice and is ready to kill anyone, who he finds wrong or don’t follow his commands. Could it be possible that Zack Snyder’s version, Bruce Wayne somehow causes the death of Lois Lane ? In Injustice : Gods among us, Flash is on the side of  Superman but here it seems that Flash has taken Bat’s side. And, when Batman is about to go on war with Parademons and Superman’s Army, he might have told Flash to inform him in the past if things don’t turn out as plan.

Another possible and the most likely theory can be that Flash is informing Bruce about Darkseid. Since, when Flash arrives he says ” Bruce! Listen to me right now! It’s Lois! Lois Lane! She’s the key! Am I too soon!? I’m too soon! You were right about him! You were always right about him! Fear him! Fear him and find us. You have to come find us, Bruce! ” which means that Flash is too early and the threat he is informing about as not yet arrived Bruce’s World. While the Knighmare before Flash Scene could a reality manipulation by some God or Bat-Mite to create more hatred towards Superman, as according the new deleted, we know that there is someone from Darkseid’s world. Someone very powerful.


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