Avengers : Infinity War

This holiday season, Marvel dropped an early Christmas gift by releasing the first teaser trailer of the much anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. This movie is called as the “finale” by Kevin Feige and is going to be the endgame for many of our MCU superheroes. The trailer shows us that Avengers is going to have a difficult task of stopping an unstoppable force in the form of Thanos from destroying the world.


Avengers will also receive help from a galaxy traveling team, Guardians of the Galaxy led by Starlord. Since then many fans have tried to utilize every brain cell to figure out the heroes that might not return after this movie.


An interesting theory published by Nerdist, the movie will feature time travel to facilitate a reboot for a few important characters in the MCU. Many sources online have made us believe that the movie will contain many flashback moments. Recently, Robert Downey Jr. posted a picture online of him having a hole in his shirt for the arc reactor that Tony Stark used to have. The movie also had casting calls for scenes set in the ’40s and 60s. Set photos from Avengers 4 have also hinted at revisiting of few important major events, including flashbacks to the first Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films. There is enough evidence to suggest that the movie will tinker with time travel.

According to this theory, Our Avengers end up in losing the battle to Thanos which prompts Doctor Strange to use his Eye of Agamotto to save the heroes. This will allow a soft reboot of the MCU making an exit route for a few important characters. This has worried many fans as they do not want to see their favorite superheroes changed. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth playing Iron Man, Captain America and Thor have done an incredible job and it would be hard to see them leave MCU.


This could be used as a strategy by Marvel to bring some changes to MCU and pave way for new characters and some of them might even be from the roster of the newly acquired X-Men. Undoubtedly, this will be a mega MCU event which will make a significant shakeup to the MCU. This is just one of the many theories that have been going around and we will have to wait till the movie releases on 4th May 2018 to see how close this theory comes to be a reality.


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