The time has finally come for our MCU heroes to face the Mad Titan who shows up to destroy the Earth. An exclusive footage of Avengers: Infinity War was shown by MCU head Kevin Feige along with Co-Director Joe Russo at the D-23 Expo held in California.

All the Marvel movies starting with Iron Man has led to this moment where our beloved heroes defend the planet from the onslaught of the daddy of super villains, Thanos. Marvel has been teasing Thanos for quite some time now. His appearances have been limited to cameos in the post credits scenes of The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron along with a brief frightening appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer : Everything You Need To Know
Image via Marvel

Here is the complete description of the Avengers: Infinity War Footage revealed at Disney’s D-23 Expo:

Guardians of the Galaxy meet Thor

The opening scene of the footage shows the Guardians of the Galaxy on their spaceship Milano cruising in space. Okay, Guardians, don’t forget this might be dangerous, so let’s put on our mean faces,” Star Lord tells his team. A beaten and unconscious Thor bangs against the Milano’s windshield and Rocket Racoon reacts “Wipe it! Wipe it! Get it off!”. The Guardians decide to tend to Thor while Mantis uses her superpowers to wake him up. Thor looks surprised and says Who the hell are you guys?“. This scene might follow the events that occur in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

The friendly neighborhood Spiderman and his Spidey sense

Peter Parker is seen riding a school bus and suddenly the hair on his hands rise as though to signal that danger is imminent. In Spiderman: Homecoming, Peter Parker did not use his Spidey Sense but this footage shows his Spidey Sense tingling. He is also seen swinging around structures in the Iron Spider suit gifted to him by Tony Stark in Spiderman: Homecoming.


The return of Loki

The footage shows Loki holding the Tesseract and gifting it to a character not shown in the footage, it possibly is Thanos. Loki has a long term alliance with Thanos as he was the person who gifted the Scepter containing the Mind Stone to Loki and also gave Loki an army to destroy Earth in The Avengers (2012). Thor must be sick and tired of being betrayed by adopted brother time and again.

Tony Stark and the Avengers are petrified 

We then get a shot of Tony Stark saying “We have one advantage, He’s coming to us.” The scene is then followed by glimpses of Stark, Mantis, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, along with others, looking completely petrified.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer : Everything You Need To Know
Image vie Marvel

Enter Thanos

Thanos finally appears through a portal in the footage and tells the Avengers that Fun really isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this … does put a smile on my face,and he continues “I know what it’s like to lose, to fight so desperately with all your life, but to fail just the same,”. Spiderman is seen apologizing to the Mad Titan but Thanos has other ideas Run from it, but destiny still arrives“. He uses his Infinity Gauntlet containing the Space Stone and the Power Stone to hurl chunks of the Moon at the Avengers. He does not stop there as he squashes the head of Thor and then punches Tony Stark with all his might.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer : Everything You Need To Know
Image vis Marvel

It will be interesting to see how our superheroes fare against the Mad Titan, Thanos and whether he will gather all the Infinity Stones by the end of the movie.

Avengers: Infinity War is out May 4, 2018.



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