Last year turned out to be one of the biggest years’ for Comic and Fictional Character Industry. Supergirl debuted with earth shattering opening,while the new seasons of The Arrow and Flash received positive response from the viewers. We also saw Netflix launching their exclusive Marvel Phase with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and Daredevil generated the highest TRP for Netflix in the year. Fittingly, the eventful year came to close with the release of much anticipated Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Here are the top 7 Highlights :

Supernatural got the MOJO Back :


Since the last season, Supernatural has been on an upward trend, and the same continued with Season 11. If the anything, the new season took Supernatural to a notch higher, with Darkness on the loose, and Lucifer possibly getting free. This season keeps on getting better and better.

The Arrow and The Flash fly higher :


The new Seasons of The Flash and The Arrow were very well received. The new season of Flash saw opening of Multiverse, while Arrow received new nemesis in the Supernatural Damien Dhark. Both the Series, welcomed lots of new characters including Mr.Terrific, Jay Garrick, Hawkgirl and Recently Wally West. The two episode crossover event between Arrow and Flash was bigger and better, and basically acted as a launchpad for the much anticipated Legends of Tomorrow.

Ant- Man has arrived :


New Superhero is in the town, and his name is Ant- Man. The Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas starrer Ant-Man arrived last year. As expected, the movie was based on the Origins of Ant-Man, and more on the lines of comedy, similar to that of Guardians Of Galaxy. Ant-Man did decent business at the Box-Office and was well received by Critics.

Daredevil strikes at Netflix :


Netflix launched first of its Marvel Exclusive in form of Daredevil as a Part of their Phase -1 .Unlike other Superhero serials going around on the Television, Daredevil was on the darker side, and took viewers by surprise. It received an overwhelming response from across all the quarters, be it Critics or Daredevil Fans alike.

Jurassic World :


So after 14 long years, the fourth part of Jurassic Park was finally opened to the World. The Chris Pratt starrer Jurassic World opened with thunderous response by breaking the record for highest first weekend collections, until Star Wars overtook it later in the year.It’s great success can be contributed to the amazing special effects and Chris Pratt.

Avengers : Age of Ultron :


The much hyped Avengers : Age of Ultron released last year. The second part of Avengers saw the starting of stand-off between Iron Man and Captain America, which leads to the formation of two groups within the Avengers initiative, and internal face-off in the upcoming  Captain America : Civil War. The action packed Avengers 2 lived upto its expectations at the Box Office, and was well received Globally. The movie also saw introduction of new characters including Scarlet Witch and Vision in the Avengers initiative.

Star Wars : The Force Awakens :

star wars

The Force has arrived, and it is shattering all the records on it’s way. Star Wars is more than movie for many of us, it is a Legacy that has passed from Generations to Generations.No Wonder, It was the most anticipated movie of the last decade and it certainly didn’t let the fans down. We had Chewie, R2-D2, BB-8 all returning back, and it made us realise, how much we missed it ? The new chapter  of Star Wars brought only good news across the Industry, apart from being hugely successful at the Box-Office, its Merchandise sale also broke all the existing records.



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