Deadpool has already shattered many box office records and has attracted applause from many superstars. The movie which swayed away from mainstream comic movies has been accepted by the fans and celebrities. The merc with the mouth might not be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe but that has not stopped some of the actor playing marvel characters from showering praise. When someone adores their work as much as Reynolds did with this film, their energy is infectious, and that happiness transfers to the audience. Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Joe Quesada have already voiced their opinion regarding the movie.

Chris Evans is the latest to tweet about his views on Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds:

Ryan Reynolds was quick to respond and choose his side for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War:

deadpool and cap

Although, Robert Downey Jr would not let a nearly indestructible Deadpool join team cap so easily and he had some useful advice for Ryan Reynolds:

Ryan Reynolds had the most Deadpool reply to Robert Downey Jr:

Cap and Iron Man will face off on screen in Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters on May 6. Though Reynolds’ Deadpool won’t be popping into this cinematic universe.


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