Holy Shit ! Wolverine is back. Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine. Like everyone else, we were stunned seeing Wolverine return in Bryan Singer’s last installment of X-Men SeriesX-Men Apocalypse“. There were rumors that Hugh Jackman might make a cameo appearance in X-Men Apocalypse but the last time we heard from the Bryan Singer in the Comic Con – 2015, He had categorically said “No” on Wolverine being a part of X-Men Apocalypse. It might still be possible that claws are that of X 23 ( Wolverine’s Clone ) and not of Wolverine but unlike Wolverine, she has two claws compared to¬†Wolverine’s ¬†trademark Three Claws.So, we are quite certain that those claws are of Wolverine, and since their is blood in his hands, we are certainly going see him in at-least one Kick-Ass Scene. While some X-Men Franchise fans might feel that it’s a big spoiler, similar to Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman and Spiderman in Captain America : Civil War. The return of Wolverine has certainly given a massive boost to X-Men Apocalypse, as when compared to Batman V. Superman and Captain America : Civil War, the hype around the movie was little underwhelming.


The trailer has lots of new footage, and throws more light on the movie. Finally, we see Mystique taking the role of the leader under Xaviers absence. We see Cyclops (who had been underplayed in other X-Men Movies ) unleashed against Storm. We see Quicksilver revealing to Mystique that Erik is his father. It shows four horsemen of Apocalypse standing by his, while Apocalypse creates destruction to build his new world.

x men

X-Men Apocalypse is set to release on 27th May, 2016.


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