Being the fastest man alive isn’t always the easiest thing, that is what Barry has been realizing time and again. That said The Flash is back with its third season and it looks contagious. The show is going to look completely different this time as compared to its earlier seasons. The season 2 finale episode saw Barry finally defeat Zoom . But it also left him grieving upon his father’s death. This makes him decide to go back in time, save his mother for once and all and change everything.

The season’s premiere episode opens with Barryliving in that blind bliss” in the “Flashpoint “, the alternate universe created when Barry goes back in time to save his mother, which changes his life completely. But he still has the memories from his other timeline intact. Grant Gustin also confirmed that the season three premiere episode would be titled ‘Flashpoint‘.


Matt Letscher’s Reverse Flash also makes an appearance in the trailer and drops the title ‘Flashpoint‘ for the universe Barry is living in. The trailer also teases the arrival of Dr. Alchemy. There are some interesting twists in Barry’s alternate universe are the fact that his parents are still alive and Joe and Iris West don’t actually know him.He hasn’t grown up with them. Barry also doesn’t share a strong bonding with Joe like before, though they work together. Cisco Ramon is the founder of Ramon Industries and Wally West appears as Kid Flash


Well, the storyline of Flashpoint insanity has definitely caught our attention. The Flash will premiere on October 4th, 2016 on The CW.


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