So, we ended the last episode with an awesome entry of Jay Garrick. This episode has to be the most important episode in order to understand the complete Flash World especially if you are not a comic nerd. The episode is crisply directed and screenplay is easy to understand even for the new acquaintances of The Flash World. So, lets dive into the most important moments of the episode :

Multiverse Explained

Perhaps, the most important part of the episode. Dr.Stein explains the phenomenon of the Multiverse, which was caused due to Singularity.

Jay Garrick dawns his Flash Costume
Oh ! We have to mention this, it was awesome moment seeing Flash’s both world dawning their respective costumes.


Cisco Ramon turning into Vibe

Yes, Cisco is getting more and more  accustomed to his powers. In this episode, Cisco has truly realized his powers, and even helps out Flash.

The Trap


We get the first look of The Zoom,and Jay Garrick also explains Barry, Why Zoom might have come to Barry’s Earth.

Is Ronnie still Alive ?

As we all know from the past season, both Ronnie and Dr.Stein used to feel the effect of each other. So, when Dr.Stein faints all of a sudden, does it mean that Ronnie is alive and has been subjected to some sought of a pain ?


Harrison Wells

Oh yes ! He is back, and apparently, he is the savior of central city. We assume, he is from Jay Garrick’s Earth, where he is not Eobard Thawne but someone else. Maybe a hero ?


And finally, did we see a possible easter egg for Green Lantern. When Cisco Ramon says, “Why do Superheroes have colors as their first names?“. Was he referring only Green Arrow or both Green Lantern and Green Arrow ?  We believe that Coastal City’s Green Lantern exists somewhere between the Star City’s Arrow and Central City’s Flash, and will possibly make an appearance soon.



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