While, The Flash movie is slated for it’s release in 2018, and is still a long way away. So, it can be expected that we hardly have any big information on the movie of one-of-out most beloved superhero “The Flash“. But recently Den Of Geek reported the first piece of big news to come out from the Warner Bros. Studio is that “The Flash movie” will see Flash wearing a “tech-based” costume rather then the Burgundy Leather costume worn by Grant Gustin in “The Flash” TV series. This is huge announcement, as we understand that Warner Bros. want to differentiate the “The Flash Movie” from the already well received “The Flash – TV Series“. The movie will see Barry Allen not only as a Forensic Scientist ( as in the case of TV series) but will also be a Tech Guru and will make his own suit unlike in the TV series, wherein Cisco Ramon makes the suit for Barry Allen.


The suit is supposedly inspired from the video game Injustice : Gods Among Us, and will see Flash doing similar Armour like suit. The movie will star Ezra Miller as the Flash, with  Seth Grahame-Smith making his debut as Director, and is slated to release in 2018.




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