Last month at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. along with DC Comics announced that the title of the upcoming standalone movie of the Flash starring Ezra Miller will be called Flashpoint.

This movie will follow in the direction of the Flashpoint comic miniseries written by Geoff Johns and artwork by Andy Kubert. However, this is not the first time that this comic book arc has been adapted. DC comics released Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, an animated movie in 2003 and it was also loosely adapted in the Season 3 premiere of CW’s The Flash.

In this comic book arc, Barry Allen goes back in time and saves his mother from being killed by Reverse Flash. This causes major ripples in his universe. He wakes up and realizes that everything has changed. He managed to save his mother but in the process lost his powers that made him The Flash. Some of the changes made by this event are:

The Flashpoint leads to some major changes in DC Universe :

Thomas Wayne as Batman

The Flashpoint Movie : Will We See A New Batman ?

In this alternate timeline, Bruce’s parents did not die that tragic night but it was Bruce who is killed by the robber. This drives Thomas Wayne to don the cape and his Batman is very different from the original Batman. There is a darker tone to him as he does not hesitate in killing the criminals. Thomas Wayne forces a sword through the heart of the Reverse Flash in order to help the Flash to restore the original timeline in which he is dead and Bruce Wayne is the Batman.

At the very end of the ‘Flashpoint‘ storyline, Thomas Wayne writes a letter addressed to Bruce Wayne and gives it to Barry Allen. Barry after restoring the original timeline gives the letter to Bruce Wayne who says to Barry AllenYou are one hell of a messenger Barry.” Thomas Wayne in DCEU is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who has been teasing fans on social media by giving hints of being interested in playing the role of Batman.

Wonderwoman Vs Aquaman

The Flashpoint Movie : Will We See A New Batman ?

There is a full blown war between Amazonians and Atlantians led by Diana Prince and Aquaman respectively. There is a lot of blood shed and heroes die on both sides. It shows the death of Cyborg at the hands of Aquaman who in turn is killed by Wonder Woman. This war is about to cause the end of the world. It would be interesting to see Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman battle with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman on the silver screen.

Superman as lab rat of the Government

The Flashpoint Movie : Will We See A New Batman ?

In this timeline, Kal El’s space pod crash lands into Metropolis causing the death of many civilians. The American government captures him and initiates Project Superman, i.e, to create a super soldier who would help in destroying America’s enemies. The result of government experiments is that Kal El is a very thin boy who has never seen sunlight.

He helps Cyborg and Flash in making an attempt to stop the Amazon-Atlantean war and bring peace in the world. Unfortunately, his and Cyborg’s efforts go in vain and the only hope left is Barry Allen. Only his abilities can restore the original timeline and prevent this disaster from ever happening.

As of now, DC has failed to provide information as to whether the movie will be a loose adaptation of the comic book arc or not. Although, it will be interesting to see if changes are made to the roster after the events of ‘Flashpoint‘. There have also been rumors of Ben Affleck not being interested in playing Batman. He has been removed from the post of directing the standalone Batman movie and the current Director of the movie, Matt Reeves has tossed aside the script of the movie written by him and Geoff Johns. This might be the best opportunity for DC to replace Batfleck with some other candidate.

We are hoping to get more information from DC Comics and Warner Bros. on the Flashpoint soon. This movie will be DC’s answer to Captain America: Civil war. We will keep you updated with all the developments of the movie as soon as it is available.


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