Are you ready to take your comic book collection to the next level? Partner with Comic BOOM! for the ultimate care in pressing, cleaning, and grading services in Canada. Proudly endorsed by COMIC LEGION, Comic BOOM! is your trusted provider in Canada for transforming your comics into graded masterpieces.

Why Comic BOOM is the Best Choice for Your Comics

Comic BOOM! is renowned for its meticulous pressing and cleaning techniques that breathe new life into every page of your comic books. Its services meticulously smooth out creases and remove dirt, ensuring your comics look their best before submission for grading. With partnerships with industry leaders CGC Comics and CBCS Comics, it guarantees a high-standard grading process that accurately evaluates and preserves your comics book's value.

How Our Service Works

Enjoy the seamless convenience of Comic BOOM! services with COMIC LEGION. Simply purchase your comics at COMIC LEGION, and Comic BOOM! will handle all the pressing, cleaning, and grading. After grading, your comics will be returned to your personal Hold Box at COMIC LEGION, ready for pick-up or shipping at your convenience.

Though COMIC LEGION facilitates the submission of your purchases, all detailed updates and support are provided directly through Comic BOOM!’s advanced online submission tracking system. This state-of-the-art feature allows you to follow your comics' journey through every step of the pressing and grading process.

Discover More Online

Visit Comic BOOM!'s website to explore more about our detailed processes and learn why Comic BOOM! stands out as a leader in Canadian comic submission services. Its comprehensive tracking system reassures you by keeping you informed about your comics' status throughout their enhancement journey.

Ready to Elevate Your Collection?

Transform your comics from good to great with Comic BOOM's expert pressing, cleaning, and grading services. Head over to the Comic BOOM! website to start your submission process, and trust in the quality and care they're known to provide. Comic BOOM! is dedicated to ensuring every comic in your collection reaches its highest potential. Enhance your collection today with Comic BOOM!—because your collection deserves the best!


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