We finally know, who will be playing the role Commissioner Jim Gordon in “The Justice League“. Hollywood Reporter revealed that J.K Simmons will be reprising in the iconic character. As many will be aware, this is not his first venture into superhero movie. Previously, he had played the iconic character editor J.Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi’s adaptation of Spiderman. Justice League will be directed Batman V Superman’s Jack Snyder, and will take-off from Batman V Superman. We will see Ben Affleck/Batman, Henry Cavill/Superman, Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman reprising in their roles again along-with Jason Mamoa/Aquaman, Ezra Miller/Flash and Ray Fisher/Cyborg.

With the signing of Oscar Winner J.K Simmons, it can be assumed that Jim Gordon will have crucial role in the movie. It is also quite possible that some part of the movie might take place in Gotham City. In comics, Commissioner Jim Gordon works closely with the Dark Knight to save and protect the City of Gotham, raising the Bat Symbol whenever Dark Knight is needed to save the city.Later, his Daughter Barbara Gordon/Oracle also joins Batman in the quest the save Gotham from the ever emerging evils.

Justice League will be in Two Parts, and is produced by Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven. The shooting for “Justice League Part 1” will begin in Mid April, and is slated ┬áto release on 17th Nov,2017. While the shooting for “Justice League Part 2” will begin 14th June 2019.



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