Justice League

Hall H and Warner Bros lived up to the expectations and more in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. All the DC Fans were treated to an extended trailer of Justice League and by extended we mean not 2, not 3 but a 4-minute long trailer. The trailer is simply scintillating and has left fans ecstatic about the movie. Warner Bros and DC have been generating a lot of positive news due to the stupendous success of Wonder Woman and it seems like they are pulling out all the stops for Justice League as well.

The trailer begins with the swash buckling entry of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and later dives into the events of Batman V. Superman. We see that the world is still mourning the death of Superman (Henry Cavill) while Batman (Ben Affleck) seems to have disappeared. The trailer further goes on to reveal Steppen Wolf (Claran Hinds), the main villain of the movie. He is so powerful that he seems to destroy the Amazon and bring all the five Superheroes to their knee. The extent of his rage is such that even the Aquaman says “we are going to die“. Just at the end of the trailer, when we see our Superheroes losing to Steppen Wolf, there is surprise entry and this much-anticipated entry is that of the Superman.

Justice League Comic-Con Trailer: Superman Has Arrived

Through the trailer, it looks like Justice League is going to be a much lighter movie when compared to Batman V. Superman. We get to the see the funny side of the Flash (Ezra Miller) and Alfred (Jeremy Irons). There are lots of easter eggs in the movie including the one where Steppen Wolf says “No Protectors here, No Lanterns, No Kryptonian“. This makes it clear that we are definitely going to Green Lantern in the Justice League at some point but will it be Green Lantern Corps instead as it is Lanterns and not Lantern. Since in the case of Superman, he clearly states Kryptonian while in the case of Amazonians he mentions Protectors. Whatever is the case, we are extremely excited about the Justice League.

Justice League Comic-Con Trailer: Superman Has Arrived
Image via Warner Bros.

Justice League is set to release on November 17th,2017.


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