The expectation from the season 2 of The CW’s The Flash has certainly skyrocketed after the epic season finale of The Flash. The season finale put lots of doubts in the minds of viewers like what does the future hold for Barry Allen? What change will the alternative timeline bring to the characters of the Flash? Will Barry Allen even be on the same terms with Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow? Is Eddie Thawne Alive? What was Jay Garrick’s helmet doing in the season finale?

All this makes us want to plead to the CW to start the second season already! Well, The CW is going to start filming the season 2 in July. Here are the things to look out for in the Season 2 of the Flash:

Caitlin Snow as killer Frost


It has been confirmed that Caitlin will eventually turn into Killer Frost. The CW teased Killer frost in the epic season finale. The flash got visions of the past, present and future while traveling through the speed force in order to save his mother, Nora Allen. Yes, the dark female figure with extremely dark eyes shown in one of the visions is Killer Frost. Killer Frost is known to have the ability to absorb heat and transmute it into waves of cold. One of her biggest rivals is Firestorm who is a fusion between Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond. In order to use her powers, Killer Frost will need to consume heat and there is no better energy source than Firestorm. It is fair to say that the relationship between Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond is going to get weird in the second season.

The Vibe has arrived


We all wanted to see this happen and it finally has, the transformation of Cisco Ramon to The Vibe. In the season finale, The Reverse Flash told Cisco Ramon about his ability to detect and remember alternate timelines and that Cisco should thank him for giving him these powers. The Vibe’s sonic waves have the power to disrupt the speed force. In Justice League of America’s Vibe #3, Amanda Waller says “Cisco Ramon might be one of the most powerful super-humans on the planet. He wields vibrational powers that could in theory shake the Earth apart.” We can expect see more of the transformation of Cisco Ramon to Vibe and discover his incredible powers.

The Flash Museum


Barry Allen is going to get a museum of him very soon. The Flash Museum is known for the cosmic treadmill, the device that allows Barry Allen to travel to other dimensions and across time and also the statues of heroic speedsters.

Return of the Reverse Flash


It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Reverse Flash in season 2. DC Comics have always found a way to bring back the Flash’s arch rival and the opposite, Reverse Flash. Could Eddie Thawne return as the Reverse Flash? We will just have to wait and find out. The rivalry must go on between the opposites.

Gorilla Grodd – Bigger and meaner


Gorilla Grodd has been an issue which Justice League and The Flash have found difficult to tackle. The highly intellectual beast with telepathic abilities will cause chaos in Central City in the season 2. There is also a chance that Barry Allen will get to interact with Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City, a hidden city of hyper intelligent gorillas.

More Speedsters


The season finale dropped a huge easter egg in form of Jay Garrick’s helmet for the season 2. Recently, Greg Berlanti, The executive producer of The CW’s The Flash said he wants to include another member to The Flash family. Jay Garrick has teamed up with Barry Allen to fight crime in various comic variants. A fan favorite Flash, Wally West, the nephew of Iris West could also be introduced.

All in all it would be heck of a season 2 with relentless plot twists and change in timelines.


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