So, we saw the new Spiderman make his scintillating entry in Captain America: Civil War and let’s be honest, he was one of the highlights of the movie. For many of us, Tom Holland already seems like the best Spiderman ever. It could actually be the case with Spiderman Homecoming considering that in February both Marvel and Sony finally agreed on sharing the character wherein Sony will be looking at the business side of things whereas Marvel will be handling the creative side. This makes a lot of sense since everything is tying up to Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will also give Sony an opportunity to play with other Marvel Characters such as Iron Man, which otherwise would not have been possible.

With the reveal of the first artwork itself, Marvel was right on the money. The artwork seemed light, playful and entertaining, unlike the previous Spiderman Franchises. It was required for the new Spiderman to be quirky and funny as in the comic books. The previous editions had fallen prey to excessive emotional and romantic drama which is something that didn’t go well with the fans.


So, let’s start with what do we know about the new Spiderman Movie:

It’s Not an Origin Story


And thank God for it. We have gone over it time and time again. Marvel had already given us a slice of Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. Hence, they don’t have the baggage of re-telling the Spiderman Origin Story. In Spiderman Homecoming, Peter Parker already knows about his superpowers.

Tony Stark mentoring Peter Parker


The funniest part of the trailer is the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Tony Stark being the mentor of Peter Parker tells him to stay away from the trouble and be underground. But being the Superhero that Spiderman is, he decides to take on the big bad villains by himself and ends up in a mess only for Iron Man to rescue him multiple times.

Aunt May won’t be that Emotional Sidekick Anymore


Since the time Marisa Tomei was announced to star as Aunt May in MCU. We knew that there are bigger things to be expected from the Character, unlike its previous sobby counterparts. Marisa Tomei is much younger Aunt May and we can expect her to get into the action as well. Plus, her equation with Tony Stark will only add to the fun element in the movie.

Ned and Peter’s Friendship and their School Life


We see a lot of Ned in Trailer. He is perhaps the closest friend to Peter Parker and amongst the only few ones who knows the real identity of Spiderman. Since the movie explores the high school life of Peter Parker, we are expecting a decent amount of screen time for Ned. The scenes between Ned and Peter are hilarious and light hearted.

Spiderman’s Super Suit


This has to be the coolest Spiderman suit by far. The suit is made by Stark Industries and is full of latest tech. The suit is a bit similar to that of Tony Stark himself except that it doesn’t have Jarvis. Instead, the suit has its own AI guiding the Spiderman through the difficulties. The suit has combinations of webbings depending on the situations and has Spider drone similar to Falcon’s Red Wing. The power of the suit even surprises Peter Parker many times.

Is Michelle the Codename for Mary Jane Watson or Not?


It is perhaps the most guarded secret in the movie. Who is going to play Spiderman’s love interest in the movie? Is Zendaya’s Michelle the codename for Mary Jane Watson? Or perhaps Gwen Stacy?  We will only come to know once the movie is released as everyone is tight-lipped about the character.

The Vulture and other Villains


Michael Keaton will be playing the role of Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. Keaton is back in the super-hero genre after 28 years where he played the role of Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’sBatman”. This time he is switching sides. While there are going to be multiple villains in the movie including Herman Schultz aka Shocker, who is a high school dropout turned inventor and has developed a pair of gauntlets that shoot high-frequency vibrating air blasts. Yet the main villain with the highest screen time is going to be the Vulture, he has created his own high tech and power Vulture Suit using the tech of Chitauri. He got the Chitauri thanks to the remnants of the Avengers 2012 war. All of this stitches very well with the MCU and the Avengers. The deeds done by one Avenger might have consequences on the life of the other.

It’s not the Homecoming from the Comics


Yes, funnily enough, Spiderman Homecoming won’t be based on the 1984 Spiderman Homecoming Comicbook.  The comic saw the introduction of Spiderman in the whole new Black suit. It saw Spiderman returning to earth after fighting an epic Secret Wars miniseries, which is not going to happen in the movie. Let alone, seeing Spiderman in the black suit though we would actually like to see him in black suit sometime in the future.

We can’t wait to see our”Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” hitting the theaters on 7th July 2017


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