So, The Arrow or should we say The Green Arrow returned to the Star City, and Star City is facing even bigger threat this time. There were some interesting moments in the first episode that got our attention. Here are  the moments,and the possibilities associated with those moments :

Supernatural powers of Damien Dhark

Damien Dharhk turns out nothing like The Arrow has ever encountered. He can’t be beaten by strength or by sheer tactic as he has Supernatural abilities. Hence, it becomes obvious that The Team Arrow alone can’t beat Damien Dharhk alone by themselves, and this is when Constantine enters. If there is one person, who knows about Supernatural activities better then anyone else, it is Constantine. When Arrow says that Damien Dhark has powers which can’t be explained, and he has seen such powers previously as well, it could possibly mean that he had encountered Constantine in the past. And, The Arrow might ask for the cold blooded Constantine’s help as the last resort of beating Damien Dharhk.

Whose grave is it ?

In the last scene, we see Oliver Queen and Barry Allen moaning over someone’s death, and we suppose the person in the grave was really close to Oliver as it completely breaks him down.Below are two possible theories :


Felicity Smoak Dies : Just before, we cut into the grave scene, we see Oliver and Felicity together. Hence, it makes us wonder whether the person the Casket is actually Felicity Smoak. Here are the factors , which point towards Felicity Smoaks‘ Death :

a)We see Barry Allen distraught as well, and we know, both Felicity and Barry are very close friends. 

b)Nothing break Oliver Queen more than the death of the person, he loves the most

c)Arrival of Mr.Terrific in Team Arrow, and he can do most of the Felicity Smoak’s work.

Thea Queen : Lets look at the factors that point towards Thea Queen’s death

a) She is the only family left for Oliver Queen, her death will break him down

b) She has already been subjected to Lazarus pit, and can’t be subjected again

c) Her death will be a big blow for both The Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul

d) Her death will possibly bring back The Arsenal to take her Revenge

Our Take : We believe that it is most likely to be Thea Queen, as her death will cause massive twist including the arrival of The Arsenal, whereas Felicity Smoke is the only humane in the team, with the pure heart and is also a fan favorite.


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