When ‘Arrow’ returns later in January, one of its leading characters maybe changed forever. The mid-season finale, “Dark Waters“, ends on a horrific note that serves as a portent of a possible returning darkness. Damien Darhk’s mafia-style hit on an engaged Felicity and Oliver threatens to change the two heroes of Star City forever. For Oliver, it might be a change for the worse. For Felicity Smoak, it might be a change for the weird.
Is she about to become Oracle? The new leaked images from the set certainly gives us a preview of the Character heading the Oracle way .

Also, in the new Australian Trailer, We see Felicity’s mom saying to Oliver that She won’t be able to walk ever again.

A quick primer: Oracle is Barbara Gordon also known as Batgirl until Joker shot her point black. Paralysed from the waist down, Barbara becomes Oracle, an all-seeing super hacker who makes the Bat-Family’s crime fighting crusade a little easier.

In Arrow, that’s been Felicity Smoak all this time. Minus the paralysis and trauma/assault parables, Felicity has been Team Arrow’s “Oracle” without the cool code name since the first season.
Last February, Arrow’s producers said Felicity could become Oracle but the opportunity hadn’t formally presented itself. “Hopefully we’ll get there. This occurred to us as well but we didn’t have any opportunity to do that in[the second season episode “Birds of Prey”], said Marc Guggenheim.

Could Felicity have an iconic comic book role in front of her? Stay tuned to find out. Arrow will return on January 20


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