Just when we thought that this season of The Flash could not have been any more exciting, the executive producer Todd Helbing has revealed that Eobard Thawne will return in the eleventh episode appropriately  titled “The Reverse Flash Returns“:

“His impossible return to Central City puts a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team in unexpected danger, forcing Barry to make a life-changing decision.”

reverse flash

This season has already had its fair share of twists with Harrison Wells returning in the form of Earth-2 doppelganger and also the introduction of another flash, Jay Garrick. Things are about to get even more complicated as Matt Letscher is set to reprise his role as Reverse Flash.


Matt Letscher only made a handful of appearances as Eobard Thawne during The Flash season one, but he made an impression. The evil time traveling super scientist and speedster stole the DNA of Harrison Wells, taking on his appearance and his identity. At the end of season one of CW’s The Flash, Reverse Flash was erased from the timeline after Eddie Thawne shot himself.  How Eobard could come back from that is indeed “impossible,” but hey, this is The Flash. What constitutes “impossible” has loosened considerably in this world.


There are a number of possibilities that could explain Reverse Flash’s return. One is that this  Eobard Thawne could be from another timeline, we already know that the show has already changed timelines quite a few times so in the future there might be an alternative timeline in which Eobard Thawne is alive and a full fledged Reverse Flash. Another possibility is that he is Eobard Thawne from another Earth and not the one Barry confronted in the first season.

In the comics, Reverse Flash reveals during Flashpoint Paradox, that till the time The Flash lives, there will always be an equal and opposite Reverse Flash. So there are quite a few ways the producers could link the existence of Eobard Thawne in the present timeline.

The Flash will return with new episodes on January 19th on CW.


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