The last episode of CW’s The Flash was very unique in many ways. It gave us glimpses of the past and future with the return of Barry Allen’s arch nemesis Reverse Flash. We saw Cisco Ramon use the Vibe goggles for the first time which gives him the power to vibe at any given moment that almost gets him killed. Wally West received valuable relationship advice from his sister, Iris West as the show is developing his character to eventually take up the mantle of the Flash. Patty Spivot’s relationship with Barry Allen ended as she left the city for new adventures but not before figuring out his big secret all on her own.

All of that was overshadowed by the big reveal made by Jay Garrick of his doppelganger, Hunter Zolomon of Earth 1.

When certain references are tossed up in the comic book T.V. shows or movies, the comic book fans usually latch on to such references. Whether they are just easter eggs or major addition to the plot is never immediately clear. This is exactly what happened in The Flash: Reverse Flash Returns episode.

Who is Hunter Zolomon?


In the comics, Hunter Zolomon had a troubled relationship with his parents as his father was a serial killer who had also killed his mother. He joined the F.B.I to learn more about criminal behaviour but an accident left him paralyzed and couldn’t run anymore. Wally West and Hunter Zolomon were good friends and a solved a number of cases together, He started to despise Wally West when the latter refused to to go back in time using the cosmic treadmill and save him from the accident which left him paralyzed. He decided to use the cosmic treadmill himself resulting in another accident giving him super speed. It gave him the power to alter speed in which he could move in time. Hunter Zolomon figured by losing a few loved ones Wally would become more empathetic and a better superhero. He was also the third incarnation of the Reverse-Flash, which makes his appearance in this episode all the more interesting, considering it also featured the show’s first incarnation, Eobard Thawne, arriving in Earth 1’s present for the first time.

So does this reveal mean that Jay’s Earth-1 counterpart is Zoom on the show? It certainly could. If there’s one thing we know for sure about EPs Kreisberg, Berlanti, and CCO Geoff Johns and their team, it’s that they never throw a reference like this in with no intention of following-up or deepening the mystery. From what we know, the doppelgangers of Earth 2 turn out be different in many ways from ont eh ones on Earth 1. Whether Hunter Zolomon is the mysterious Zoom or are they setting up the character for the future, we will soon find out.


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