Recently, Stephen Amell unveiled the new costume of Oliver Queen in the ‘Arrow” event at San Diego Comic Con. He also revealed that Oliver Queen will no longer be Arrow, and will instead be known the “Green Arrow‘, similar to his comic character.The new suit is designed by Arrows’ resident costume designer Maya Mani, who had provided many of the shows super-suits including for Arsenal, Black Canary, Speedy and Ray Palmers high tech A.T.O.M suit.

Arrow’s new look is a bit different than his old one including bit more armour around his shoulder and making the suit sleeveless contradiction to his old suit. For the fans of Arrow, who would be knowing that at the end of season 3, Oliver Queen’s future was uncertain, when he had to abandon his identity to Ra’s Al Ghul, and become Al Sah-Him .After killing Ra’s Al Ghul, he drive himself into the sun along-with Felicity Smoak. But Green Arrow will be back to fight against injustice and crime in Starling City again.

The upcoming season of Arrow will be very different from its last season having the dark tone that was a paramount in season 3. There will be more humor and light hear-ted moments in the upcoming season. When Guggenheim, the developer and executive producer of Arrow,  was asked about the season 4 in SDCC, he said “will take a lighter tone” referring to season 4 “We’ve been working for about a month now in the writer’s room, talking about season 4, and I think that one thing we all collectively understood was season 3 beginning with Sara’s death, because it’s the death of the major character in the show, it set the tone for the remainder of the season. And I am not the least bit apologetic for that tone. I happen to like dark and I like the fact that Arrow is a pretty dark show particularly for a network show.”

The upcoming season, season 4 of Arrow is set to release on 7th October 2016 on The CW.


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