Recently, Entertainment Weekly put together a set of things about “Harry Potter” that weren’t mentioned in the Movie or the Novel, these have been put collected through Pottermore and through the tweets of J.K Rowling.

Here are the interesting details, which you didn’t know about “Harry Potter”  :

1. Harry Potter’s son “James S Potter” gets sorted to Gryffindor 


Have just heard that James S Potter has been Sorted (to nobody’s surprise) into Gryffindor. Teddy Lupin (Head Boy, Hufflepuff) disappointed.”  Tweeted J.K. Rowling on the topic of James Sirius Potter selection.

2. Hagrid didn’t produce Patronus 

Harry Potter

Hagrid couldn’t produce a Patronus. It’s a very difficult spell.Tweeted J.K Rowling, on being asked about the Patronus of Hagrid.

3. The extendable bag of Hermione is illegal


In an interview to Entertainment Weekly, she confirmed “Hermione may have performed an Extension Charm on her bag to carry all of her supplies while she, Harry, and Ron went hunting for Horcruxes, but Extension Charms are highly regulated by the Ministry of Magic because of their potential to be abused. Still, Hermione never faced any charges, as it was ruled that the charm “played no insignificant part in the defeat of the greatest Dark wizard of all time.

4. Hermione almost got sorted to Ravenclaw


There weren’t any Hatstalls in Harry Potter’s generation, but Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom came the closest. (Hermione was almost in Ravenclaw, and Neville begged to be placed in Hufflepuff because he was afraid he wasn’t brave enough for Gryffindor.)”  J.K. Rowling said in an interview to Entertainment Weekly.

5. Luna Lovegood’s was born on 13th Feb

On responding to a question posed by a Luna Lovegood fan, about Luna’s Birthday, J.K Rowling tweetedI never get fed up with readers’ questions! Luna’s birthday is the 13th February.

6. Leaky Cauldron was about to Destroyed 

The Leaky Cauldron faced one of its most difficult challenges in the late nineteenth century, with the creation of Charing Cross Road, which ought to have flattened it completely,” said J.K Rowling in a Pottermore Entry. “The Minister for Magic of the day, the tediously long-winded Faris Spavin, gave a melancholy speech in the Wizengamot explaining why the Leaky Cauldron could not, this time, be saved. When Spavin sat down seven hours later, having finished his speech, he was presented with a note from his secretary explaining that the wizarding community had rallied, performed a mass of Memory Charms (some say, to this day, that the Imperius Curse was used on several Muggle town planners, though this has never been proven) and that the Leaky Cauldron had been accommodated in the revised plans for the new road.

7. There are 10 more Wizarding Schools apart from Hogwarts

In a Pottermore entry, J.K. Rowling revealed, there are 11 programs with mention of Durmstrang, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in Europe, and the Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan, in addition to HogwartsDurmstrang Institute with the context that the school has “the darkest reputation of all eleven wizarding schools.

8. What did Dumbledore see in the Mirror of Erised ?


Dumbledore said to Harry Potter that he saw himself in the Mirror of Erised wearing a plush pair of socks but actuality, Dumbledore saw “His family, alive and whole and reconciled.” Recvealed J.K. Rowling speaking to Time Magazine.

9. Did Harry die or just became unconscious ?

In speaking to The Time Magazine, J.K. Rowling explains  “Having taken Harry’s blood into himself, Voldemort is keeping alive Lily’s protective power over Harry — except that the power of Lily’s sacrifice is a positive force that not only continues to tether Harry to life, but gives Voldemort himself one last chance … Voldemort has unwittingly put a few drops of goodness back inside himself; if he had repented, he could have been healed more deeply than anyone would have supposed. But of course, he refused to feel remorse.” Also, since Voldemort is using the Elder wand, which actually belongs to Harry, neither the Cruciatus or the killing curse work properly.The Avada Kedavra curse, however, is so powerful that it does hurt Harry, and also succeeds in killing the part of him that is not truly him, in other words, the fragment of Voldemort’s own soul that is still clinging to his. The curse also disables Harry severely enough that he could have succumbed to death if he had chosen that path.

10. What happens to the Gang ?


Potter joined the Ministry of Magic as an Auror, while his wife Ginny found a career as a sports writer for the Daily Prophet after a professional Quidditch career. Ron Weasley worked with the Ministry for a short time as well, before going on to manage Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, while Hermione Granger stayed at the Ministry, working her way up to Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement – Revealed J.K. Rowling in the Time Magazine.


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