For the first time in last 4 years, Marvel Studios was not a part of San Diego Comic Con, and this left Warner Bros and DC Comics to take the limelight. They made complete use of this opportunity, and entertained the fan to the fullest. Below are our favorite 5 moments from San Diego Comic Con :

1) Deadpool : We freakin loved him, and so did the fans in Comic Con, so-much-so that they had replay the trailer once more. The trailer was amazing and Ryan Reynolds completely gets into the character unlike Green-Lantern. We had first seen Deadpool on the silver screen in X-men : Origins, and felt that the role did injustice to the character. But now, finally he is back, and the trailer certainly looks Kick-Ass.


2) Batman V Superman : The complete trailer of Batman Vs Superman was released during the Comic Con, and we must say it was full of surprises. The trailer unlike the teaser gave us the complete look of Super-woman and Lex Luthor, and even teases us with the Robin suit and possibility of Joker lurking around. It does delve into the origins of Batman, and even covers some of the impressive fight sequences between the super-heroes.

3) Suicide Squad : With so many big names together in a single movie, we were waiting for the first teaser with great expectations and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, looks like she is made for the role, and with many apprehensions on Jared Letos‘ look as Joker, we can now safely say that he has nailed it.  There is also a surprise in the form of  Batman, hunting down Joker and Harley Quinn.

4) X-men : Apocalypse : Like we had expected, this is an enemy like no other for the X-men. Apocalypse, the first mutant, looks terrifying and more powerful than any other mutant. The trailer was well made, and shows even Charles Xavier and Magneto powerless against Apocalypse. Though, to be honest, we were expecting our favorite X-men “The Wolverine” to have a cameo in the movie, and as it stands, it seems highly unlikely but we might just get “The Gambit”.


5) CW out in full force: Be it “The Flash”or “The Arrow” or “Legends of Tomorrow”, everyone from the CW club made a grand entry in the Comic Con. We got to see the  new Arrow Suit, the multiple speedsters coming to “The Flash” season-2 and the full blown Hero Evolution trailer of the much anticipated “Legends of Tomorrow”.



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